History of Steadfast

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STEADFAST (Students Facilitator team) was established in August 1991 by the Leadership and Training Unit of Student Affairs Division and Discipline (STADD), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). The main purpose of this establishment is to create a team of elite students to assist the young generation outside the campus in achieving their excellence in life, duniawi and ukhrawi and to uphold the mission and vision of the university so as to assist the university in serving the ummah.

Formerly known as Gerakan Pembina Generasi Abad 21 (GPG 21) STEADFAST has been the leading human training based society for more than a decade. Previously, the name of STEADFAST was STADDFAST. This is because, STEADFAST once was not a society but was a special unit under STADD. This unit was trained to be a facilitating group and initially was composed of only 45 selected students from all the students in IIUM.

Since beginning and until the year 2000, the members were never exceeded than 100 students. In 1997, STEADFAST was converted into a society to be organized by the students but still under the management of STADD. In 2001, SENDI which previously under the CENSERVE became one of the bureaus in STEADFAST. Also in 2001, STEADFAST launched its alumni during the celebration of its 10th anniversary.

STEADFAST then, as a society was first held its training in 1998. It is now known as STORM. Now, STEADFAST has more than hundred members from various kuliyyah in IIUM. It is now ready to be the factory of producing quality in creating future leaders in line and within the ambit of Islam and also to train them to face the reality of this world.



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