Mentor Mentee at Setiabudi

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We are from Information Bureau apologize for the late updates, since the last invitation about SET before the long break. However, this post is just to inform all readers that Steadfast had joined a program in Sekolah Setiabudi on 18th and 19th of January. The program took two days of duration. It was before the two weeks of holiday. Yes, people who joined the mentor-mentee program had to sacrifice their holidays. See their commitments? Congratulations to all of you, the leaders of the world. And thanks for your sincerity :)

For your information, Steadfast is one of the clubs that has bond with Sekolah Setiabudi. In fact, they always invite Steadfast to join their programs, as the teachers had seen that facilitators can play their roles to give support to their students, especially to candidates of PMR and SPM. Some of the pairs (students and facilitators) are still keep in touch to always ask for advice in their examinations. Since our facilitators are also students, the teachers give us full belief that these brothers and sisters can share on how they study, and on how they manage their packed schedules. Yes, they were interested to know on how IIUM students make steps to involve in society, in sports and in academic areas. Besides, all facilitators consist of different courses. Hence, it makes them to make us as their role model. *cough*

Here are some photos to feast your eyes :)

#For more photos, you can scrabble them up from Steadfast official Facebook. :)

To end, we are from Steadfast IIUM really hope that all students will do their best in their biggest examinations. Put so much effort and insyaAllah He will grant success. :)



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Anonymous said...

stiap kali program steadfast yg ada published dlm blog or buletin or mana2 mesti gambaq aku xdak...yg pelik gmbaq org lain ada ja...bosannya..-____-"