Dress Code for AGD (.^_~.)

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To all steadfast members. Steadfast Anual Grand Dinner (AGD) will be held on Saturday, 24th of October 2009. The venue will be informed later. Dress code is based on fashion show where all of you may design and decorate your respective dress according to your own styles. Any inquiries may be refer to AGD programme manager, Mr. Zulfalihin at 0142669247. Your attendance is highly appreciated. Let us bring glorious to this event and may this be the unforgetable event in our participation in steadfast :D
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*since most are on holiday, you have ample time to think of nicest outfit to be worn for our AGD and dont forget to bring it back to uia when the semester reopen. Have a joyous and sparkling Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

From: AGD (PUB & PRO)



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