Steadfast 20th Anniversary And Charity Dinner

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      In conjunction with the 20th establishment of STEADFAST, we are planning to organize the 20th anniversary in fund-raising event to promote charity among STEADFASTians and the Alumni. Since this Annual Grand Dinner invites all former members of STEADFAST, we can make them to refresh their memories of being among STEADFASTians long time ago.  

       Besides, this program celebrates STEADFAST’s 20th anniversary of being a facilitator club. On the night of the event, we will gather senior and junior members of the club so that we can encourage the sense of Islamic brotherhood in Steadfast. 

          New members can get to know all former members which had succeed in their careers. They also can explore life after graduation and how former members can be their role models. In addition, the program organizes a charity fund-raising of the STEADFAST programs and events. 

        We also aim to donate some of the money collected to help some schools in rural areas, so that they get enough money for their education, facilities, well being, and etc. The agenda is held because it is our intention as students to promote social responsibilities among VIPs and STEADFAST members to be generous and helpful. 


i. This program is held in the hope to strengthen the bond between former and current members of STEADFAST. A number of ex-STEADFAST-ians are well known people. We will bring back the memories with visual presentations of old photos from multimedia committees.

ii. This program aims at collecting money for selected schools and help students in primary and secondary schools which are located in rural areas. Our aim is to help them so that they are not left behind in education and can get use with current technology by using contributions that all guests have donated.

iii. This program is aimed to reminisce and recall all the memories that STEADFAST had experienced for the past 20 years of being a known facilitator club until today.

The donation we get through this Steadfast 20th Anniversary And Charity Dinner will go to MAYS project. Below are the detail of the project.


STEADFAST is one of the societies in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) which focusing in facilitating and motivating students all over Malaysia, especially school students. For about 20 years of its establishment, STEADFAST has achieved many great achievements and also has produced many good facilitators and human capital in various field. Realizing the needs of more great human capital in producing great Malaysian, with the power of good facilitator that STEADFAST has, together with all the experiences in organizing programmes and facilitating school students, STEADFAST has decided to organize a big project which will involve school students from rural area, low-income family and orphanage called “Masih Ada Yang Sayang”.

As a society under Centre for University Social Responsibility, IIUM, which is focusing on students’ social responsibility towards other members of the entire Malaysian society outside the university, this programme is organized in order to help school students by giving as much help as STEADFAST can give which through our specialization in facilitating especially in organizing Motivational Camp and Leadership Camp. This programme is named “Masih Ada Yang Sayang” which is taken from one of our previous programme in order to show our care and concern to those students who come from rural area, low income family and orphanage. They may think that they have no one else who will concern about them, thus, STEADFAST will make them realize that there are people who will still care about them through this programme.
This programme basically consists of a few sub programme which are:-
  • Leadership Camp
  • Motivational Camp
  • Sahsiah Camp
  • English in Camp
  • Ibadah Camp
  • Workshop
  • Grooming Camp
  • Mentoring
The aim of this programme is to help and also to trigger their soft skills. It is also to motivate them about the important of being successful person in the future. They will also be realized on their role as a part of the future generation that will lead the country, regardless who they are and where they come from. As the country needs more human power to move the country and to inherit the country, thus, youths, not just from the urban area of the country but also those from rural areas has to be responsible in completing and realizing the power of themselves for the future.

Selected group of students from selected schools and orphanage will be given the opportunity to enjoy any of the programmes for free, without any charges. This is in accordance to the aim of STEADFAST as a community service society. In line with STEADFAST’s motto, “Aslih Nafsak Wad’u Ghairak”, which means purify yourselves and preach others, STEADFAST facilitators will share all their knowledge and experiences as university students in various kuliyyah in IIUM with the students so that it will help in triggering their motivation to be educated and knowledgeable.
            In conclusion, we believe that this project will bring positive impacts to the rural children, as well as to us. This is one of the ways that we can use to preach and help these children towards goodness and become a better Islamic generation in the future. It is highly hoped that this programme will become success and will get support from the entire society. 







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