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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, pray to Allah.
With His blessing, Steadfast Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) & Steadfast Annual Grand Dinner (AGD) had successfully being organized. 

Event started with the AGM in the morning and followed by AGD at night. The Annual Grand Meeting was organized to appoint the new management board for tenure 2012/2013.

This is our new management board for tenure 2012/2013

And this is our new President of Steadfast IIUM, Mr Afiq Walid

Until here about the news on AGM. Now, let's move on to AGD.

Steadfast AGD or Steadfast Annual Grand Dinner was organized to welcome new members of Steadfast IIUM and also to show a thousands of gratitude to all old and current members of Steadfast IIUM.

Preparation before the AGD start

Registration counter. Among the earliest :)

Guests were enjoying the foods

Special performance from Steadfastians

Team of Trainers and Alumni.

Thank you and enjoy the posts



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