Induction Course '14

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On 25th of January until 26th of January 2014, an Induction Course was held in Kem Rimba Tamu, Batang Kali, intended to train the selected Main Board holders and Excos of this club on how to develop good skills in managing the club. About 25 participants consist of Main Boards and Excos had joined this Induction Course.

Along the course, all participants had been exposed to many sort of problems in order to make them well prepared when they are ready to take the responsibilities as the new management team of Steadfast IIUM. Induction was also aimed to discuss the almanac of this club which is also as a planner for the whole tenure.

This almanac is also hoped to be the benchmark of this club in order to sustain its excellence, professionalism and competency among other clubs. With the selected main boards and excos, it is such a privilege for this club to be the best.

Riadah-Robogame. The participants learnt to give & follow exact instruction

"Robot" try to achieve their mission

Almanac discussion. R&D session

Almanac discussion. GEMUDA session

"Santai" on their way back to IIUM



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