Steadast Managerial Enhancement Program 14'

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SMEP or Steadast Managerial Enhancement Programme
was held on 8 and 9 March 2014. SMEP included two Steadfast’s in-house training which are SMICT( Steadfast Managerial Intensive Complete Training) and FSEP ( Facilitator Skills Enhancement Programme). 

SMICT was to expose new members to the new format of preparing financial report and proposal of any programme that they will conduct. In the morning session, the ceremony started with the introduction of new format of writing proposal by the club secretaries from the stage of writing proposal with detail steps such as writing with correct grammar until the submission of proposal to the representatives of CENSERVE. 

Then, the programme continued by the club financial controllers where they displayed the new and right way of representing financial report. After lunch hour, the agenda was proceed with explorace conducted by Team of Tainers with the purpose of showing new members the places where they would submit their documents and settle their club affairs. 

On the second day, SMEP continued with FSEP. During FSEP, the participants got the chance to expose themselves on how to be a good head facilitator, camp comm as well as how to get involve in recall team. In the evening session, the participants involved themselves practically to be head and co-head facilitator and also camp comm. In short, they could experience by themselves and thus spark their motivation to do better in the real situation.



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