Kem Sinaran Permata- MAYS

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On the last semester break , STEADFAST IIUM was having the last stage of MAYS Project which was a motivational camp, Kem Sinaran Permata. It was held at Pusat Kokurikulum, Lanchang, Merlimau, Melaka and also in Banda Hilir , Melaka for the Explorace game. The participants were from the same target school of MAYS Project, Sekolah Menengah Sungai Burong. However for this time, the participants were not only the group of asnaf students, but there were also the group of excellent students who are expected to score in SPM and lead their friends to the road of success.

From day one to day four, all participants gave their best commitment as almost all of them had joined this project from the first stage.

"Self-it Moment"- each group needs to take a selfie photo
with public in Bandar Hilir as one of their task

A nice walk with friends.

As a wrap-up of the programme , a group photo :D

May Allah bless our deeds
May this relationship stay until the end.



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