Program facilitator and entrepreneurship training 2011

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STEADFAST in joint venture with Global Talent Network telah mengadakan 1 program di mana the nature of the programme is to train one to be a good facilitator dan juga bagaimana untuk memanfaatkan kebolehan tersebut sebagai kerjaya namely as facilitating service.
Berikut adalah butiran mengenai program tersebut:

Name of the programme: “facilitator and entrepreneurship training”
Date: 8-9 of January 2011
Day: Saturday – Sunday
Venue: experimental hall

Held by: STEADFAST in conjunction with Global Talent Network (one of the most successful company with various types of motivating yet inspiring programmes which also is a famous and popular company creating marvelous and innovative people.)

Program ini telah berjaya menarik minat sebahagian besar pelajar iium and there is about 40 students are registed for the programme. This programme is actually very important in dealing with one ownself. Oftenly, we’ll regard ourselves as being less better than others an indirectly this negative perception will decrease our level of confidency. Through this programme one will know about their strengths and weaknesses as well as ways on how to control it so that it won’t give any long term defects anymore.
This programme can be considered as being successful because the participants who came somehow or rather has had their self-esteem increased. For more info u can log on to steadfast fb.



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