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  On  12 May 2012 to 13 May 2012, our team had came to SMK La Salle, Sentul for a great program called JUNIOR CAMP. A total of 16 facilitators were chosen to participate in this programme, and they were paired together forming eight groups.The committees and all facilitators work together to ensure the smoothness of the program. The program started at 8.15 am with an opening ceremony held by the school and a short briefing of the programme by the Programme Manager. Representatives from the Students Parent Association were also there, and the programme was officially opened by the school principal.

Teachers from the school also gave their support by attending the program and were ready to give any help when we need anything, such as preparing our accommodation and preparing items and gadgets for modules. The school had assigned teacher in charge for every session, in order to make sure that we have someone to refer to if anything happens. Cooperation between the facilitators and teachers was much admired as all of them get together in order to make this program turn out to be a huge success .Most of the students were non- Muslim, majority are Indians, while the other were Malays and Chinese.

They were very active and cooperative throughout the programme though some of them had a slight problem understanding what the facilitators were saying as the medium used were different. Most of the Indian students spoke in English, while the programme was conducted in Malay. However, the medium used did not act as a barrier for them to participate and enjoy the programme. All of them were very happy and cheerful throughout the programme and based on the comments given by the students, it can be concluded that the programme was enjoyable and the wish for another similar programme in the future. Go STEADFAST!!! ;)



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