McLeague 2012

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Gombak, 12th April - STEADFAST Mc LEAGUE 2012 was successfully held at Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED). By the theme of ‘Fostering a first-class leader’ , a debate competition had been organized by the Human Resource & Management Bureau (HRM) to upgrade the new STEADFAST members’ creativity and ability in inspired thinking and presentation skills.
Thus, the new members being exposed to this intellectual activities through debate. Each of the members will equip with absolute characteristics in sequence to be the talented and outstanding daie’ not only for himself but also, for the community of IIUM itself and the entire ummah as a whole.

The organizing committees have work together to ensure the programme runnning smoothly as planned. Each of the bureaus has sent three members to participate in the league competition on behalf of the bureaus which involving OUTREACH, GEMUDA, SPECTRA, HRM, SENDI, INFO, R&D and ENTREP. Every participants for every bureaus were talented in the debate and be able to perform well in the competition. In final round, SENDI bureau were compete with INFO. The debate were very extravagant with talented participants and both of the bureaus were competing well and be able to end the competition with rightful ending.

The winner which is from INFO and the best debater, Fatehah Khaleelah Hanizi is also one of the members from INFO bureau. Second runner goes to SENDI and followed by HRM as the third winner. Overall, based on the commitments given by all the participants and teamwork from the committees, this programme is successful. From this programme, members of STEADFAST may be able to have more confidence and high self-esteem throughout in the club and daily life.Besides, all members are becoming as one family in STEADFAST. Suggesting that, this programme should be organized annually in order to maintain good performance either in the study or in the society.



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