Raya Gathering of the Year!

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Dear all members of Steadfast, if some of you might not know about Raya Gathering that had been held at Engine Collaseum, the gathering was a huge success, since everyone back with smiles on their faces. It was on 13th of September 2012, precisely on Thur The event was participated by most of current members of Steadfast and some of former members of Steadfast (what we called as ALUMNI). Hence, the occasion was the result of a great bonding between new and old members of Steadfast.

The reason why we had the Raya Gathering is due to the long time of not seeing everyone. It is even sad, because some of old members will be graduating soon. Hence, it is a grand opportunity for them to see each other and recall all memories of being a Steadfast member. However, life is when we have to let go of some things. So, all members in Steadfast have to learn to let go of their seniors too. But of course, prayers are always in their minds.

Well, that was how we preach people through 'ukhuwwah' and purify ourselves. :)
"Aslih nafsak wad'u ghairak"!



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