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12/13Apr 2014 - MAYS project or Masih Ada Yang Sayang is a  long-term project and the biggest project which was handled by STEADFAST since 2012. This project is supported by Dana Belia 1 Malaysia and it is believed to be a platform for University students to contribute to the society in helping the younger generations to shape a better future. This project will continue for the third stage which will be a motivational camp, Kem Sinaran Permata for the target group. The motivational camp will be conducted on 9th  June until 12th June 2014 in Malacca. In conjunction of the third stage of MAYS project, MAFET 2 or MAYS Facilitating Enhancement Training  programme was held on 12 and 13 April 2014. It was held in IIUM compound and outside the campus for explorace session.
MAFET 2 was organized to introduce the newly appointed committee members and facilitators about this project. This programme was conducted with the aim of training the new facilitator and committees to strengthen the ties between each other. On the 1st day of the programme, only the committee members were gathered in order to create the bond between them and discuss the setup of the programme. On the 2nd day, the programme involved both committees and facilitators. The activities conducted were more about ice breaking and modules training. Training and Module bureau was assigned by MAYS 3 team to conduct module session where many new modules has been invented. On the evening, MAYS 3 Explorace Team had conducted an explorace for the participants in order to simulate the explorace session for the camp. The explorace was held outside IIUM which was at Taman Tasik Layang-Layang. At 6.30pm, MAYS 3 team went back to IIUM. The programme was held in the hope that all committees and facilitators will be cooperative with each other and strengthen the ukhwah between them



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