STEADFAST Mc League '14

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11/12 April 2014 - Mc League which  is also known as debate competition was held at Economic Building Level 4 for two days starting from 10 until 11/4/2014 (Thursday and Friday). This debate competition was held with purpose to show and to improve the soft skills and communication skills of the debaters from every bureau in IIUM Steadfast Facilitator Club. The main objective of this competition is to strengthen  the Ukhuwah between members of the club and to increase general knowledge among the members of the club. As we know that IIUM emphasis to discover the knowledge of the worldly and hereafter. Debate is the stage where the knowledge  is spread and shared. Sharing is caring. Furthermore, the Mc League emphasis the members of the club to be more confident in confronting with the public in the future and it also taught the members of  the club how to debate and how to communicate in well manner or also known as formal manner.
For the first round debate was held on Thursday night while the semi-final and final round held on Friday night. Each bureau sent in four best men or members compulsory to enter the competition. Then each debaters will compete in the first round in order to be qualified to the semi-final and finally to the final. Only four out of eight bureaus were succeeded in the semi-final round which was held at Econs Level 4. At final round, only two bureaus which were RnD and SENDI bureaus were competing and the final result was SENDI bureau  announced as the winner of STEADFAST McLeague 2014.



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