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     "AKULAH PENYAMBUNG WARISAN" was theme for Steadfast Club Annual General Meeting which was held at Gamma Auditorium B, Kulliyah of Engineering on 28th Novermber 2014, Friday.

This programme is an annual programme runs by STEADFAST. Realizing the importance of delivering reports and update throughout the tenure, this programme is very important and essential for the club. In this annual general meeting, there will be an announcement of the new tenure for 2014/2015. It is hope that throughout this meeting, members of STEADFAST will be much more alert of the progress of STEADFAST and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among each other.

Every year an annual general meeting will be held in order to inform all the members of STEADFAST the activities done for the whole tenure. As a result, STEADFAST realized that this opportunity must be grabbed by the STEADFAST’s members because this program will give the opportunities to the members in updating as well as bonding each other for the betterment of society. This event also held the office of secretary and the office of financial controller to preview their report throughout the year.

Old Tenure

New Tenure



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