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The details of the programme as stated below:

Introduction day - 22st January 2016 (Friday)
To familiarize everyone with the new working environment and team members. Today, break the ice around your body,unlock the chain in your tongue.Lets talk! They want to know more about you!
·         Taaruf with all the working committes and new elected MBEXCO
·         Sharing moment with Ex-President and New President 2016 + Q&A Session
·         Briefing by BUDI Officer

Knowledge Day - 23rd January 2016 (Saturday)
Today, try to be like water at the sea, It absorbs everything. Alumni will come to facilitate on improving your skill of management and knowledge. What is management?How to lead others? How to conduct meeting? Etc…
·         SWOT Analysis
·         PLOC
·         Team Building
·         Management Training
·         Rules & Regulation

Strategic Planning Day - 24th January 2016 (Sunday)
Plan the future together by setting a main goal for 2016 and develop a mission on how to achieve that goal. Present your ideas to the others in your best form. Today is the day to brainstorm, debate, rationalized and making the final decision TOGETHER.
·         Presentation & proposed programs by each bureau.
·         Key Performance Indicator (KPI) setting of each bureau
·         Almanac Discussion
·         Recreation & Team Building
·         Wrap up & conclusion

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