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Program 'AKU JANJI'
Venue: Sek. Men. Taman Ilmu dan Budi
Date:6 & 7 March 2009
Participants: PMR & SPM candidates

STEADFAST attended 'AKU JANJI' Program which was organized by Guidance & Counseling Unit of Sek. Men Taman Ilmu & Budi. It was the second meeting between the facilitators and the students. This time, we tried to tighten the ukhuwwah with the students.So,later both parties can have such a great bonding in order to achieve the objectives of the program. 'AKU JANJI' is an annual program for this school. The students make a promise towards their parents, teachers and themselves to study well and make a good effort in order to greatly perform in the examination.The students also wrote down the target for the examination in front of their parents and facilitators.

We hope that this program can help us to know and understand the students well, so in return we can assist them to prepare for the examination.In addition,we also hope that the parents and teachers can give their trust on us to be with the students. The facilitators will try the best to equip the students with the ways to reach the success.Insya Allah!

p/s:Congratulations & thank you to all facilitators who spend their time to join the program. May Allah rewards all of you with the best reward.
Aslih nafsak wadu' ghairak!!!


Parents..We'll give fully support to our sons & daughters..
You go boys & girls..We hope the best from you!!!

The written form of the promise..

We will strive for the best..Believe us..

I'm now declare my target for the tak der ink je pen

I target for straight A's..No matter what I'll work for it..Put your trust on me mum & dad..

Now, my part as your beloved dad...I pray that you reach the goal..

Facilitators..We also pledge to assist our brothers and sisters to reach the success..Thank you for believe on us..



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