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I hereby announced that, due to some shortcoming, program at SEKOLAH RENDAH AGAMA MUAR, has been postponed to some other date which will be informed later.

Therefore, on behalf of board, i would like to wish thank you so much for all of you guys, especially for those who are already sign up your name as faci there. Hope the spirit will continue till the end.

Since SETIA BUDI is our last program for this short semester, again, thousand of thanks and applause dedicated to all, especially for those who are participate directly or indirect. and also not to forget, men power (which also include girls power.. heheh) at ENGLISH CAMP at JEMPOL.

as a reminder, next semester, there are so many programs awaits us. among the programs are,
  1. Schools' program.. (SETIA BUDI, S.R.A MUAR, SEK KEB PANTAI KUNDUR etc)
  2. Facilitating program, organised by TOT and SPECTRA
  3. Censerve Humanitarian Week, ( Booth which our VP I, Bro Lukman appointed as PM)
  4. and many more... just stay cool and enjoy all the program.

last but not least, Good Luck for your final exam and stay happy.. ('',)

Post by:

Rabaeyatul Adawiyah Abu Kassim

Assistant Team of Trainers, ( on behalf of MAIN BOARD and OUTREACH)



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