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Alhamdulillah, recently STEADFAST succeeded in opening booth for new intake members. Throughout the days we succeeded to get about 70 candidates for STEADFAST new intake members. All of the candidates went through an interview which has been held a week after they fill up the application form. The interview was held in order to recruit the potential members of STEADFAST. It will help us to choose the qualified new members who really want to be part of our team as well as participate in each program of the society. From 70 applications of the students, only 41 students were accepted. We hope that our effort to find the committed members will give benefit to the society and the CENSERVE Team as a whole. On the same week, some of our family members, lead by Mr. VP1 (Luqman) were busy with the Humanitarian Week Exhibition. They worked very hard to make sure the exhibition running well. Congrates guys on your contribution for the Humanitarian Week.

On the 3rd August 2009 the newbies, main board & exco of STEADFAST had their first gathering together at AIKOL. Basically the objectives of the 'special' gathering were to welcome the newbies to our 'family', to tie up the ukhuwwah as well as to formally introduce STEADFAST to the newbies. On that night, we also be thankful to Dr. Shamrahayu (K.Sham); our advisor for her willingness to attend the event. Even she only be with us for a short time, but we have a great time listened to her simple yet comprehensive speech. Hopefully all of the Steadfastians, esp the newbies can give the highest commitment towards the betterment of STEADFAST.

We have a good time together through fun games conducted by Mr. President(Riz). The newbies got the opportunity to know each other throughout the games. Plus, the seniors somehow also have the chance to observe some characters of the newbies which later can be used to divide them to the suitable bureaus in STEADFAST. We also celebrated 2 lucky persons on their birthday (Happy birthday guys). All in all, the gathering ran smoothly with the co-operation from all members.

p/s: Thanks everybody. You all rock!!! & for the newbies..welcome to STEADFAST 'world'..We're now in 1 team.

Aslih nafsak wad'u ghairak!



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