The best program of Steadfast!

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Peace be upon you, Steadfast-ians. J

This post is basically to talk about the latest programme that is held by TOT in Steadfast. Do you know what is TOT? Well, some say that Tot stands for “Team Orang Tua”. *joke XD
But hey, TOT stands for “Team of Trainers”. So, SET is basically an annual program in Steadfast and will be experienced by all members in Steadfast. The theme for SET is “ukhuwwah” in order to make the sense of brotherhood in Steadfast bind stronger from time to time. As all members in Steadfast will feel the excitement of SET, it aims for the new members in the family of Steadfast, so that they can get to know each other better. However, old members are also invited to join and mesmerized the event. J

Besides, the training and modules are aim to newcomers, so that they can prove their skills to their seniors that new members are also capable in many skills and fields. Meanwhile, some girls may express their great skill of cooking too. (because all groups have to cook for their own, in order to survive!)

Even though the fee was RM50 and some said that the amount can be used to buy food for a week, but the duration of SET which only three days and two nights can picture them memories that will never fade away. This is because; they had spent a lot of time together, especially with their own groups, since they were divided with new members that they never been introduced to before. It ups to the extent that they can discuss some issues and pointed it out during the last session which was during a heart-to-heart talk to one of the members in TOT. They were also experienced to sleep in tents. With the heart-to-heart talk, they can express their opinions and ideas so that this club can grasp improvements in the future, besides avoiding any bad image to the club.

Other than that, the event went smoothly, based on some activities, like the following:
- Kill your stage fright
- Polish your skills
- Personality skills
- Water confidence

There was also an activity when everyone was requested to bring their own present to be changed to one another. They didnt know to whom the present will be given to. So yeah, it was interesting to receive gifts!

Before end this entry, let’s view some photos that had been snapped. Luckily we have cameras these days, so that we are able to make people envy with our activities. XD
Be lucky, new-era folks!

….. And yes, we brought back a suitcase of memories… J

Behind all happiness that we have, do not forget to be thankful to Allah and ready for any fortunes. Innallaha ma'ana.
Please pray for Syria as they are fighting for their Muslims' rights. Bismillah.



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