Steadfast's current updates ! :)

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- 12th feb: Information bureau had participated on a workshop that was basically talked about how to manage websites and how to convert from Blogspot to Wordpress. Stay tune for new layout. However, we are still working on it. You can share your ideas on how to use Wordpress by sending email to (please do!)

- 14th Feb: Humanitarian Award night. It is an open event to all IIUM students at Main Hall at 8 pm. Please come to know which club will get those lucky awards!

- 18th n 19th feb : Induction course for all main board and excos for the new line-up..

- 24-26th feb : All members was invited to be at Sk. Sg. Buaya at Rawang.
However, it was already closed due to the limit of facilitators' numbers. :)

and for new members who are still excited to be facilitators, wait for upcoming program in March. insyaAllah :) Just, stay tune! J

“aslih nafsak wad’u ghairak” J
This is an opportunity for us to do dakwah to all the kids. . We are da’I as well. J

Worry not with packed schedule. May Allah shower us with His bounties :)



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Anonymous said...

Post entry program dekat samttaj pulak ^^