Steadfast Lailatul Ukhuwwah. :)

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Steadfast-ians were experienced satisfaction and happiness for the first Family Night ever! According to the Alumni, the name was once called Mass Gathering. Later, it changed to Family Night. And now, it changed again to Lailatul Ukhuwwah. But for some of us, we are still stick to call it as Family Night, in order not to get confused. It is a collaboration from a few bureaus, such as Gemuda, Info, Spectra and Sendi. The programme started at Kaed mosque around 7 pm. With the azan of maghrib, all of Steadfast-ians performed the Maghrib prayer. Then, it’s continued with Solat Sunat Taubat and Hajat.

In filling the gap between Maghrib and Isyak, everyone was invited to join the tazkirah that was delivered by the head of Sendi, Bro. Shahrul Azri. Everyone was touched to listen to his tazkirah, since the mosque was silent with the reminders. The gist that was pointed out during the tazkirah was about ikhtilat between men and women in society, purifying the intention in joining society, etc. Other than that, the slot was continued by the president of Steadfast, Bro. Aqil Azmi Khair. He also had pointed out about a few reminders that should be noted by Muslim facilitators, together with a few stories and moral values of the stories. Besides, he enlightened about the significance of 21 years of Steadfast as one of social clubs in IIUM. After that, our president gave reminders to all Steadfast-ians in this tenure, it’s either to make Steadfast be outstanding as leaders, or to make it perish as fools.It depends on us, folks!

As the Lailatul Ukhuwwah went on and on at Auditorium B of Engine Block E2, all family members of Steadfast remain seated, until all heads or assistant of each bureau came to the front and told some updates about their bureaus. It was also a satisfaction, because at the end of the event, everyone was in invited to fill their stomach. The fried rice and colourful cupcakes that were served was scrumptious for everyone! They back with a feeling of grateful to Allah as Steadfast-ians were able to have a strong bond with the name of ukhuwwah. Alhamdulillah everything went well.

Hopefully, for the next Family Night, we will have more excitement. As said by Sister Rahimah, “you can be excited to join programs, but do not forget your studies.” InsyaAllah. Remember to bear in mind with that advice. As a closing for this entry, we are from Info bureau, would like to apologize for any shortcomings and we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone, THANK YOU to all members of Info for making the birthday cards, and THANK YOU for the UKHUWWAH in Steadfast. “aslih nafsak wad’u ghairak”.


P.s: We are still waiting to upload pictures. Stay tune!



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