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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. S.I.R project is a project which combined three clubs, Steadfast, Inspire and Resilia. This project aims to provide platforms for students to enhance their community service skills as well as social skills.

On 20th September 2014, in relation to S.I.R project, Steadfast had organized community service at Rumah Jalinan Kasih Nurul Hasanah. This programme was held for one day. 15 orphans comprising of 10 male children, and 5 female children, 5 facilitators and 25 committees from Steadfast had participated in this project. We were divided into two groups, the facilitator group for facilitating the children. The other group was community service team which was to clean the house.

Committees and facilitators worked together to make sure the smoothness of the programme. The programme started with an opening remark by the head facilitator and everything went according to the master plan that we had planned before. Although the students had arrived a bit late, we managed to reschedule the tentative to fit our duty to conduct what we have planned. Cooperation between the facilitators, committees and teachers was much admired as all of them get together in order to make this program a huge success. 

Even though there were only few children, they were active and cooperative throughout the programme despite having to go here and there which had consumed much of their energy. Committees were also cooperative enough to clean the Rumah Puteri house and they have fulfilled the task given and the Ustaz was so happy. Facilitators, from their observation, also had to focus merely on the objective to inspire and stimulate positive vibes as the students behaved well therefore were easy to deal with. In short, all of them were very happy and cheerful throughout the programme. Based on the comments given by the students, it can be concluded that the programme was enjoyable, and they wish for another similar programme in the future.



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