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Steadfast Summer Soul Camp will be held every year in order to strengthen the ukhuwwah of the members from steadfast itself. Bureau of SENDI from steadfast will organize this programme every year.
This programme was held for two days and one night involving 37 members of STEADFAST comprising of 14 male students and 26 female members, 8 facilitators and committees from bureau SENDI. In conjunction with the theme of steadfast which is “Purify ourself and preach others” so, this programme are related with the theme of Steadfast.

10.00 am
Main Staircase, IIUM
Gathering of participants
·         The members gathered at main staircase and to confirm the participant that will be participate during the camp and also one of the members has recited the du’a.
11.00 am
D’ Lepoh camp
·         Arrived at camp and gathered at hall.
11.15 am
Dividing group
·         Leading by Br. Fathi Amiri, the group has been divided and has been separated according to the gender.

Slot 1 : Ice Breaking
·         There were four modules or games conducted during ice breaking session.
1. Frozen
·         This module has been conducted by Br. Fathi Amiri. The objective of this module is to brak the ice among the members of the group and this module related to the numbers. The members will be introduce him/herself for about 1 minute and after that they will make an opposite line with each other. The instruction will be given based on multiple number and when the number has been multiply, the participant no need to shout the number but to mention the name of the friends that stand opposite from them. So, when one of them failed to mention their friend’s name, automatically they will freeze.  
2. First impression
·         Every participants will be pasted a paper on his/her back and they will be walking around another participant and they will list out what is their first impression about him/her. After that, the participants will read about the first impressions that has been written by others and have to search who has written it and correct it back about themselves.
3. Mind setting (group)
·         This module has been held in group. Each group will be given a bottle that contained half of the water. So, they have to fill in the bottle with the stones either the small one or the big one with their own creativity.
4. Tagline time
·         They will be gathered in group and with their own tagline, they have to make the styles and also tagline group with their own creativity. This tagline will be used throughout the camp.
12.45 pm
D’Lepoh camp
The participants will be checked in their room and prepared themselves for Zohor prayer and lunch.
2.00 pm
Pre Daie show
·         The participant will be given the time to discuss about the show.
2.30 pm
Daie Show
·         Each of the group will be presenting on the titled that has been given and there will be judges in each of the presentation.
4.45 pm
Preparation for hi tea and Asar prayer.
5.15 pm
Around the camp
·         Each group will consist a member that ;
-          Deaf
-          Blind
-          Disability of leg and hand

·         There have six checkpoints and participants need to complete all the checkpoints within the time given.

6.30 pm
D’Lepoh camp
Participants will prepare for Maghrib prayer and dinner.
7.30 pm
All of the participants performed Maghrib prayer together and after that, there has a talk from Br. Hafizul Faiz.
11.00 pm
Watched video and also take out the input from the video.
12.00 am
Ready for supper and sleep.

5.00 am
·         All participants and committees performing qiamullail together.
·         All participants and commitees performing Subuh prayer and also read Mathurat together.
7.30 am
D’Lepoh Camp
·         All participants and committees prepared for closing ceremony and also to come back to UIA.
8.15 am
·         Having breakfast together and also doing the last module which are Taaruf Wida’. They have to take pictures among them and promised to keep in touch.
9.30 am
·         Closing ceremony began and disperse.



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