All About SMIT & Explorace...

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Program: Steadfast Managerial Intensive Training(SMIT) & Explorace

Date/Day: 26 Safar 1430H/22 Feb '09/Sunday

Venue: Presentation Lab Econs & around IIUM

Alhamdulillah, with Allah's Will, Love&Mercy, Team of Trainer (T.O.T)& Bureau Special Training (SPECTRA) succeeded in organizing SMIT&Explorace for Steadfast members. The program started at 8.30a.m and lasted at 3.30p.m. Steadfast members have been exposed with the procedures to organize program according to the standard requirement laid down by Student Development Division(S-DEV). Then, they were divided into several groups to construct a program proposal. Later, a representative of each group presented the proposal in front of Brot. Niswan(ex-president of Steadfast) & main board. Each of the group's works has been commented by Brot. Niswan & the main board.

After lunch, the members participated in explorace. In this game, they were required to go to the places which related to the procedures in organizing the program. For example; in group, they went to S-DEV (submitting the proposal), IIUM Properties (booking venue), Center for Professional Department (booking PA system), etc. We ended the program at Moot Court, AIKOL.

Congratulation to T.O.T & SPECTRA for their hard work on this program. Thank you very much. May Allah reward all of the good deeds. Congratulation & thank you also for those committed members who attended the program. May all of us gain the benefit from the program. Insya Allah.
Aslih Nafsak Wad'u Ghairak!


  • Zam guides the new members to construct the proposal..

  • Adi: You girls do the content of the proposal & I'll do the most 'challenging' part...The cover page...Que...O.k ek..
  • Que: He...he...he....You are so 'gentleman' Adi..Both of us are really proud to have you here..
  • Syifa': Cover page??? 'challenging' ker?? I get confuse now...

  • Happy smiles from the members...
  • May we always be like this...Peace..

  • The amazing race begin...CPD..Here we
  • Are you sure that all of you should be here???

  • Let us move it..Move it...

  • Members: Where can we get the souvenir?Is it here??
  • Atun: Have a sit first guys...Erm...Let me tell you guys..Actually..There are 7 dragon balls all together... If you are strong enough, you may have one at the main stair..Take it..
  • Members: HA???

To be continued...



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