Simple report on mass gathering (14 Safar 1430H/10 February '09)

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Date: 14 Safar 1430H/10 February 2009
Venue: ADM LR 1B
Time: 8:30p.m - 11:00p.m

Alhamdulillah, with His Greatest Love & Mercy we got the opportunity to see each other during the mass gathering session. Ordinary activities have been done by each bureaus. For instance; bureau R&D did the mass personality test to all members,bureau Info celebrate the 'February babies, etc.
Through this session, all members were informed on recent activity of STEADFAST (Sekolah Setia Budi) as well as upcoming programs.

The following are the forthcoming programs under STEADFAST:
  1. Booth for Student Carnival (12-15 February 2009), venue: in front of Babush.
  2. Steadfast Managerial Intensive Training (SMIT) (22 February 2009).
  3. Mc' League (28 February '09-1 March '09) Hope all members are now updated with these future programs. Please do join the programs. Your full commitment is highly appreciated. May Allah rewards all of us through our sincerity towards the betterment of Steadfast & ummah as a whole. Aslih nafsak wad'u ghairak!



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